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Services Garage Saint-Jean-Baptiste in Quebec

Auto parts replacement







car pieces starter waterpump brakes suspension Silencer

General engineering and imported mechanics

mécanique générale et importée garage SJB

Garage St-Jean Baptiste repairs American, Asian and European cars. We repair all components of your car or light truck as the engine, steering, suspension, brakes, exhaust system and more.

Our experienced technicians will meet your needs in repair and maintenance of automobiles and light trucks.

Preventive and recommended maintenance

Entretien préventif et recommandé concessionnaires

The Car Care is essential to ensure the life of your car. Your vehicle can remain more reliable, secure and economical. The program of preventive maintenance of Garage Saint-Jean-Baptiste allow you to keep your car longer and in better condition.

We respect auto manufacturers standards and offer recommended maintenance by dealers.

Engine analysis and electricity

analyse de moteur et électricité

Indicator lights dashboard are becoming more numerous on modern vehicles. Team Garage SJB has equipment at the cutting edge of technology to diagnose the failure injection, electronics, electricity, airbags and computer on your car or light truck. We diagnose electrical problems and electronic on most vehicles . Please scan your Check Engine light here!

Click here to learn more about your lights!

Air conditioning

air climatisé automobile

Garage Saint-Jean-Baptiste is the place of choice to repair your air conditioning on your car or light truck.

Our automotive technicians are equipped to inspect, analyze, maintain or repair your air conditioning system automobile. Make an appointment to inspect your air conditioning!

Maintenance fleet

entretien flotte véhicule

Garage SJB offers a professional service managing maintenance and repair of commercial and institutional fleets. Experts in automotive services accompany you in the maintenance and repair of general mechanics, tires and the recommended preventive maintenance automobile manufacturers.

Brakes maintenance

freins automobiles garage sjb

Garage SJB offers a maintenance of automobile brake. We are the best place for your brakes and we will advise you to provide you with safe and durable brakes.


Antirouille automobile

For lasting rust and quality, are dealing with the Garage St-Jean-Baptiste. We will be able to carry out the rust with your car or light truck will need for the harsh winters of Quebec. Extend the life of your car with our rust that not repent.

Replacement and repair of automotive and light truck engine

Garage SJB specialized in replacement and repair of automobile and truck engine light. Our experienced technicians know how to go about your engine.

Escort service

Garage Saint-Jean-Baptiste offers a escort service to facilitate your next maintenance vehicles. For major cases, we are able to offer you a loan courtesy car